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Softub T-300+ Spa Review

Ok, I admit it. I got the Softub T-300+ because it looks cool. It's round instead of square and unlike all those other "portable" spas out there it's light enough to actually be portable. The T-300 is the biggest hot tub that Softub makes and it can hold up to 6 people but it's still plenty portable. Once you drain it the T-300 only weighs about 75 pounds. You can flip it on its side and roll it through doorways. I've had mine set up both indoors and out on the patio. You do need to make sure it's got a lot of support underneath it though because it holds about 300 gallons of water so it weighs more than 2000 pounds filled. Most of the time my Softub hangs out in the basement with the pool table and big TV (AKA the party pad) and I haven't had any trouble with moisture bothering the wood or electronics.

Installation is easy. The Softub comes in two pieces. To hook it up you just plug the connectors into the spa wall, clamp it, and that's it. The hydromate heat pump gets set up on the outside. It does take a while for the pump to heat up all the water (more than a day) so you have to plan ahead. Once the water is at the right temp though it stays there and is ready 24x7. As long as you put the lid back on the T-300+ when you're done it retains heat well and is pretty energy efficient. The lid comes with little locks on it so the neighbor kids can't show up unexpectedly and try to have a party while you're out of town.

The T-300+ is made of a dense foam that is surprisingly durable. I've had mine for two years and experienced no problems. Most of you have probably been in regular hot tubs (you know the boxy hard-shelled ones). If you crack your elbow or something on the side you feel it. The "Softub" is actually soft. Both the walls and floor feel soft to the touch. Reclining against it feels good. You can either sit on the raised foam seat or on the foam floor.The foam insides are covered and protected by a marine grade vinyl. It doesn't seem like this would hold up to the elements as well as the hard-shelled hot tubs but I did leave mine outside all last summer and it was fine. Also I have heard others say it works fine even in harsh winters.

The only down side is the Softtub doesn't have the reclining contoured seats that the hard hut tubs have. The jets have plenty of pressure, but they aren't quite as exotic (you know special ones for the back, shoulders, etc.) as the ones in the bigger spas. For me it was more important that it be portable. I love that you can just drain this sucker in a couple hours and wheel it into the garage or out on the porch or wherever. So it really just depends on whether you are looking more for convenience and portability or ultra-luxury.

I have no problem recommending the Softub T-300+ to people and have done so more than once.

--Review by Adam Tarr, 2005



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