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Coast Spas Wailea Review

Pros: When it works its good

Cons: Pump Over heating, Very Poor Service

Price Paid: $13,500


Had it for 2 years now, first problem was jet covers falling/blowing off. That took months to get the dealer to fix and its still happening. Next was pump shutting down due to over heating. Contacted dealer, by this time warranty had expired and I was looking at a $900 repair fee. I decided to seek other options, next I find out that this pump problem is on a vendor re-call (thanks dealer for telling me) I follow the steps required for the re-call only to find out I have to shut the tub down and wait 8 weeks for repair. You'd think for giving up $13,500 you'd get much better turn around wouldn't you? Buyer Beware folks.

--Review submitted by Mike from the GTA 2007


Another review sent by Eric Kreiling on 03/30/2008

Hot tub model: Coast Spas Wailea

Pros: was nice when brand new

Cons: lousy service parts workmanship and support

Price Paid: 8,500


Stay away from coast spas. We have had problems with pumps jets and enclosure. Coast is located in Canada and is extremely poor in the service area. If you get any response from them at all, it is to tell you that you didn't take care of your spa. They will do anything possible to make it impossible for you to get warranty service. Do Not BUY COAST spas ever!!!!



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